September/October 2000

Emergency Services Personnel Presentation

July 2000

This is a PowerPoint 2000 presentation that I did for a local Police Department.  It can be viewed by any computer using PowerPoint 97/2000 (Windows) or Macintosh using Microsoft Office 98.

In case you don't have PowerPoint 97/2000 for Windows, you can download this PowerPoint Viewer from Microsoft and install it on your computer.  After it is installed, click on "Start", "Programs" and then "PowerPoint Viewer 97".  This file will only work on Windows based machines.

The presentation has "speaker notes" below each slide.  When you click on the "Enter" below you will be directed to the version for your specific version of browser.  Since I'm still experimenting with putting this on the Web, if you normally use Netscape then either print the "speaker notes" out or just open them up (opens a new windows anyway), and put them on the left hand side of your screen.  


You can download this presentation and speaker notes in WinZip format.  The speaker notes are in Microsoft Word 2000 format and in RTF format.  The file is a "self-extracting" zip file.  You just need to click on it and it will "unzip" by itself.
Click here to download the Windows version

For Mac users, Jim McClure graciously created this Mac version of the presentation.  I contacted the Mac Guru's at my university and they compressed it using Aladdin "DropStuff 5.0".  
Click here to download the Mac Version


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